For your eyes

For your ears

HIGHLIFE - Aware single, Winner - QMA - World Music Category 2017


For your feet



For your soul

the giving of gifts

New ep "Aware"


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for your mind

Highlife is a festive journey through the worlds of dancing tribal rhythms, pulsating trancing grooves, psychedelic swirling melodies and spiraling vocals.


Afro Psych is a melting of African and Street Rhythms, Phat funky/soul bass grooves, Seventies Psychedelic sounds and a freshness of spontaneity, its non stop feet bouncing on the dance floor in a festive sweaty bliss.



The parts that make the whole are;


HAYDEN HACK - Bringing his heart and Africa to the stage with his highlife/hendrix styled guitar riffs and silky voice.


NATHANIEL COMBES - Owns the stage with his West African bubbling percussion grooves, constant smiles and mesmerizing Djembe solo's.


PATRICK KIERNAN - Is the silent achiever and weaver of psychedelic dub lines, tight funky riffs and massive guitar soundscapes.


LEE HARDISTY - The wizard of harmony, the guru of desire, the melodic genius bringing spontaneity and bounce to the stage.


MAX SPORTELLI - The engine room of time, ninja focus and insane explosions of mind melting rhythms.


BRAD WENHAM - The keeper of the groove, the binder of the elements, badass funk from the lowlands.




PH: +61 (0) 7 5494 4027


MOB: +61 (0)40 686 4131

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All photo's supplied by Anne Harkin and Ketaki Jewson Brown